the seven c's of history

Providing Answers to Some of Life's Most Important Questions

Most people have been taught to view the Bible as merely a book, a book containing many interesting stories and moral teachings, but in the end, just a book. This lack of understanding and under appreciation for the power of God's Word explains why people have so many questions about how the Bible relates to issues they face in their lives; issues such as evolution, the age of the earth, abortion, the origin of life, fossils, sexuality, death, marriage, suffering, salvation, dinosaurs, racism, and many other important topics.    

To help you understand how the Bible relates to these topics, the Bible studies we share in this DVD series will outline the 7 major events of the past and the future: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation the “7 C’s of History." Our studies will help you see the Bible as the history book of the universe. By putting on our "Biblical glasses”, we will learn to see the world from a Biblical perspective. Such a perspective will help you make sense of the world you live in. I am excited that you have chosen to study the 7 C’s of History with me. Pray that the Lord will bless us as we study His Word together. 

Don White, Jr., Ph.D.
Monticello, Arkansas